Personal Project #2: Ten Words From You: Abbotsford Photographer

I must say, this was a challenge for me. It took more time and thought than I figured it would, but also gave me the opportunity to be creative and photograph things I don’t normally photograph. I have always loved landscapes and this was the perfect opportunity to go out and take some. Thank you to all those who submitted words for me. Here is the result, not in any particular order:

Miraculous: what is more miraculous than a new life being created?

Thank you to Paula who volunteered to help me out with this one!

Elegant: yes, I even managed to do a bonus word! I have always thought orchids to be elegant and classy.

Exquisite: I think anyone would classify chocolate cake as exquisite…at least I do!:)

Majestic: I was driving toward Chilliwack this morning, when the sun popped out for a few minutes, and the result to the naked eye was so remarkable and beautiful. I had to stop the car on the side of the road and capture it. Sure looks majestic to me. I couldn’t decide between black and white or colour, so here’s both.

Sparkling: it may be 8 years old, but it still sparkles:)

Spectacular: this is last Sunday evening just after sunset. The colours of the sky and the sunset still there on the right make you realize God’s creation is pretty spectacular…

Vulnerable: so little and impressionable.

Energetic: I couldn’t decide between coffee and Nolan, but I figured between the two, I definately captured energetic!

Sweet: Lollipops and my daughter, a win/win for sweet:)

Child-like: one sleeping, one playing a game…don’t mind the messy floor!

Cacaphonous: I was thinking about what do about this word in bed one night…when a train came by. When you are trying to fall asleep, and then a loud train goes by, I would classify it as cacaphonous!

A Personal Project: I need your help!

I have a challenge for myself that I need your help with! I have been wanting to try this for quite some time, and now that it’s not crazy busy, I thought it a great time to give it a try. Here is what I need form you: describing words.
Yes, I need 10 describing words of your choice that I have to then create in a photograph. Words like: simplicity, decadent, lovely….etc. Each person can suggest one only, so make it count. I will take the first ten that come up on my wall or in my email and will run with those. Then next week, I will take the ten photographs, each with the title of the word, and post them on my wall. I will have to finish them by next week Saturday night. I need a deadline, or it probably won’t get done! Inappropriate words will not be accepted.
You will have to check back to see what I have done with your challenge.
Don’t be afraid to make it challenging and fun!
I’m looking very forward to seeing what you come up with!


So here are the project titles:
1. Sparkling
2. Spectacular
3. Cacaphonous (thanks Cindy!)
4. Exquisite
5. Sweet
6. Energetic
7. Child-like
8. Vulnerable
9. Miraculous
10. Majestic

And if I have extra time:
11. Elegant
12. Desolate
13. Ridiculous

Thanks for all the help! I have my work cut our for me…:)

Levi: Aldergrove Baby Photographer

Here is Katie and Jeff’s little Levi. Katie has been my assistant in the past for mini sessions, and for doing that, she got a complimentary photo session. She chose to use it for when her baby was born, which was two weeks ago. Congratulations! He was just six days old when these were taken, and good as gold. Thanks Katie for your help in the past, and for letting me photograph your sweet little Levi!:)

Cohen: Aldergrove Baby Photographer

Here is my  newest nephew, Cohen! His mom got creative and crocheted this hat for Cohen for his photo session, and he sported it very well. Congratulations on the sixth member of your family:)

A Personal Project: Abbotsford Child Photographer

Here is a post of something I have been wanting to do for awhile. This is my daughter Jenna, five years old. She was reluctant to help me as she doesn’t like photos taken of her, however, I managed to bribe her with some Timbits:)I found her red coat and the briefcase at a thrift store and was very excited to give it a try. It was -7 this morning when we did this, but the kids were brave! We lasted about 15 minutes, and Nolan started to cry because his toes were so cold that they hurt, so we packed up again to go home. I hope you enjoy this set of photos!


Not to be outdone, Nolan had to have some pictures too!:)

A smile for the glorious sight of falling snow! How blessed am I to have these two adorable, sweet children! A true gift from God.

Take some time out to enjoy the snow!:)