Cami: White Rock Portrait Photographer

This is my sister-in-law Cami. You may also recognize her as one of my assistants/second photographer. I wanted to do a session with her to use some of my new equipment and skills, to get comfortable with them and be well equipped for future sessions. So here are a few of my favourites…

It was about 2 degrees celcius here…and then I asked her to walk into the ocean….brrrr! It took her quite awhile to warm up again after this, and this was our last shot. Shortly after this was taken, it started snowing….yes, snowing!

We saw this wall, and thought it would be fun to do a “magazine style” fashion protrait! Not really my specialty, but I think Cami did a great job!:)

I love the contrast of the black and white in the first (we stopped traffic for that one), then the vintage feel of the second…

I found these shoes in a thrift store…in fact, her whole outfit except her sweater is from a thrift store. I had a lot of fun shopping for this session. Aren’t the shoes fabulous?

The lighting was just perfect for this one as the light reflected off her eyes…

I found this dress also at a thrift store. It’s a Le Chateau dress and fit her perfectly…

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed it!

Jenna and Brandon Expecting: Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

Meet Jenna and Brandon! A very sweet couple expecting their first baby…so exciting! Jenna requested something indoors and more of a “studio-look” session. So we came up with this barn and I brought my lighting umbrella along, and got a chance to use my off camera flash. I had so much fun playing with the lighting soming into the barn and adding artificial light to enhance the photo some more. The heat was not on in the barn, and poor Jenna had goose bumps, but she hid it very well during the photos. Thank you guys! It was so much fun working with you, and I can’t wait to meet your little one when he/she arrives!:)

Mini Session are Back!: Abbotsford Photographer

I have been getting a bunch of requests for some spring mini sessions! I debated with myself if I would, and decided…why not?! So on April 14th, that’s a Saturday, I will have 40 minute sessions from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Once spots fill up, that will be it! The cost will be $60 for the 40 minutes. You will get a CD of all your edited photos included in the cost. The tax is also included. If it rains, we will postpone until the next Saturday, and as much as possible we will try to keep all the times the same. The location will be Ellwood Park in Abbotsford.
So here we go! Those interested: I need your name, phone number and preferred time. Here are the booking times you can choose from:
and 3:30

Book soon! The slots will fill up fast!:)

Beautiful Belly: Chilliwack Maternity Photographer

This was the coldest, stormiest day I have ever taken outdoor photos on…Erica was awesome, and up for anything. Even taking off her socks and shoes for a few shots even though it was sleeting, snowing, and extremely windy. We had to yell at each other over the sounds of the wind in the area. However, she was 5 days overdue and there was no option for rescheduling. Thanks Erica for being such a great sport and a tough overdue pregnant lady:)

Exciting News!: Abbotsford Photographer

I’m very excited to tell you all that I have acquired the skills and the equipment to bring my studio to you! This means better lighting in dark places, in your homes, and in the evening. It also means I get to be more creative with the lighting in your photos, creating a more studio like look where required! I have practiced and practiced, and am ready to use it for new sessions where required, such as newborn sessions in your home. I’m looking forward to being more creative in this area, and to pass my skills on to better photographs for you…