Rob & Allison & Co.: Cloverdale Baby Photographer

Here is the Vandeburgt family…one blessing larger! Thank you so much for letting me into your home to photograph your adorably sweet children…oh, and you too!:)

The one below on the left is one of my new favourite newborn photos…thanks to Crocheted Wearables for the crocheted props! And thanks to Li’l Stitches for the crocheted diaper cover!

The Devries Family: Chilliwack Family Photographer

It was a crisp, cold morning…the leaves were fallen from the trees, the ground was wet, and breath was visible in the air. But these were brave souls! Thirza picked great colours for the family to wear, and it went so perfectly with the wintry backgrounds. I hope you guys went home for something warm when we were done:)Thanks so much!

The Arink’s!: Chilliwack Family Photographer

We met on a beautiful crisp morning this fall…the colours were gorgeous, the lighting beautiful! What a lovely family you guys have! Thanks so much!

The Trommel Family: Langley Family Photographer

Here’s the Trommel clan! I had a great time with this family, and the weather held out for us. It was chilly but beautiful. I could have stayed there all day to use all the places for excellent backdrops!

The Vanoene Family: Chilliwack Family Photographer

This was a session from about a month ago…back when you could take photos at 4 in the afternoon :). I had a lot of fun taking their pictures…and it was absolutely perfect weather and lighting. What a gorgeous family! Thanks Dennis, Mel and kids!