The Stuart Family: Abbotsford Family Photographer


This is the Stuart family…I also saw them last year on the mini session day. Their daughter is so much taller than I remember! And I love the colour of her hair. What a great looking family!

The ter Haar’s: Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here is the ter Haar family! I have never seen 7 children behave so well for a photo shoot! Thank you for coming and letting me photograph your family!:)


The Callaghan’s: Abbotsford Family Photographer


Here is the Callaghan family! They were one of my mini sessions last Saturday. These kids were fantastic to photograph…they were naturals:)What a beautiful family…:)

Christmas Cards!!!

If you would like to make Christmas cards a breeze this year, then ask about my christmas card designs. All you have to do is approve the design when I’m done, and then print them off at your leisure. They are available in 4 x 6, or 5 x 7. There are quite a few styles and layouts to choose from. The design fee is $20. Email me to have some samples sent to you!

The Tufford Family: Abbotsford Family Photographer

The Tufford family was the first of my day of mini sessions last Saturday. They were a lot of fun, and their daughter was adorable. What a photogenic family!:)

Thank you Tufford family!