The Dueck’s!: Mini Session

Here is the Dueck family! I met them before their little one was born, and again when she arrived. It’s so cool to see these babies grow up! Thanks Dueck’s!:)


And she’s had enough!:)

The Degelder’s! : Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here is a family I have known for quite some time…the Degelder clan! This family has been growing, and I’m sure will be doing some more! What a blessed family!:)


The Pritchard’s: Mini Session

Here is the Pritchard family! I loved the dress that mom picked for their baby girl…it just screams Christmas…a season that I LOVE!

I love that face! What a doll:)

The Stuart Family: Abbotsford Family Photographer


This is the Stuart family…I also saw them last year on the mini session day. Their daughter is so much taller than I remember! And I love the colour of her hair. What a great looking family!

The ter Haar’s: Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here is the ter Haar family! I have never seen 7 children behave so well for a photo shoot! Thank you for coming and letting me photograph your family!:)