Exciting News!: Abbotsford Photographer

I’m very excited to tell you all that I have acquired the skills and the equipment to bring my studio to you! This means better lighting in dark places, in your homes, and in the evening. It also means I get to be more creative with the lighting in your photos, creating a more studio like look where required! I have practiced and practiced, and am ready to use it for new sessions where required, such as newborn sessions in your home. I’m looking forward to being more creative in this area, and to pass my skills on to better photographs for you…

Two Doses of Sweet: Chilliwack Children’s Photographer

This session was all about vintage sweetness. I think these two girls suited the theme very well! Here are some of my favourites…

Paula: Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

My guinea pig, Paula! She volunteered to help me with my project “Ten Words From You”, and in return she received a mini session of her and her baby belly. It was raining and cold, but she was a trooper and a good sport! Here are some of my favourites!

Valentine’s Day Specials!!!:Abbotsford Wedding, Maternity, and Newborn Baby Photographer

Happy Valentine’s everyone!
Being in the love mood, here is a little reminder that booking your wedding photography sooner rather than later is a great idea! Wedding package is $1200 and inlcudes a free engagement session! You also receive a CD of all your edited images to print and share.:)
I also am starting another special on maternity and newborn sessions. If you book both with me, you save $50! That’s $200 for both sessions. Included are CD’s of all your edited proofs.
You can contact me for more information….have a great Valentine’s Day!

Personal Project #2: Ten Words From You: Abbotsford Photographer

I must say, this was a challenge for me. It took more time and thought than I figured it would, but also gave me the opportunity to be creative and photograph things I don’t normally photograph. I have always loved landscapes and this was the perfect opportunity to go out and take some. Thank you to all those who submitted words for me. Here is the result, not in any particular order:

Miraculous: what is more miraculous than a new life being created?

Thank you to Paula who volunteered to help me out with this one!

Elegant: yes, I even managed to do a bonus word! I have always thought orchids to be elegant and classy.

Exquisite: I think anyone would classify chocolate cake as exquisite…at least I do!:)

Majestic: I was driving toward Chilliwack this morning, when the sun popped out for a few minutes, and the result to the naked eye was so remarkable and beautiful. I had to stop the car on the side of the road and capture it. Sure looks majestic to me. I couldn’t decide between black and white or colour, so here’s both.

Sparkling: it may be 8 years old, but it still sparkles:)

Spectacular: this is last Sunday evening just after sunset. The colours of the sky and the sunset still there on the right make you realize God’s creation is pretty spectacular…

Vulnerable: so little and impressionable.

Energetic: I couldn’t decide between coffee and Nolan, but I figured between the two, I definately captured energetic!

Sweet: Lollipops and my daughter, a win/win for sweet:)

Child-like: one sleeping, one playing a game…don’t mind the messy floor!

Cacaphonous: I was thinking about what do about this word in bed one night…when a train came by. When you are trying to fall asleep, and then a loud train goes by, I would classify it as cacaphonous!