The Perkins: Mini Session

It’s the Perkins’ family! I love my repeat customers, and this family is one of those. To see the kids year after year is pretty neat. They get so big so fast, and it seems even more so when you see them after a whole year! Your girls are fantastic, and I had a great time with them!


The Daniel’s Boys: Mini Session

These boys were my first session of the day, starting at 9 am. They were so full of energy, I don’t know how their parents keep up with them! They sure have gotten a lot bigger since I last photographed them, and may I say, more handsome as well! It was nice to see you again boys!:)

The McDonald Family: Mini Session

Sorry this took so long Bobbi! I have been quite busy:)But here you finally are! Thanks for coming out to the mini sessions…your girls were very good, and very sweet!


The Stiksma’s:Mini Session

Here’s another one of my mini sessions from Saturday…the Stiksma’s!

Thank you Stiksma family!:)

The Dueck’s!: Mini Session

Here is the Dueck family! I met them before their little one was born, and again when she arrived. It’s so cool to see these babies grow up! Thanks Dueck’s!:)


And she’s had enough!:)