Cohen: Aldergrove Baby Photographer

Here is my  newest nephew, Cohen! His mom got creative and crocheted this hat for Cohen for his photo session, and he sported it very well. Congratulations on the sixth member of your family:)

A Personal Project: Abbotsford Child Photographer

Here is a post of something I have been wanting to do for awhile. This is my daughter Jenna, five years old. She was reluctant to help me as she doesn’t like photos taken of her, however, I managed to bribe her with some Timbits:)I found her red coat and the briefcase at a thrift store and was very excited to give it a try. It was -7 this morning when we did this, but the kids were brave! We lasted about 15 minutes, and Nolan started to cry because his toes were so cold that they hurt, so we packed up again to go home. I hope you enjoy this set of photos!


Not to be outdone, Nolan had to have some pictures too!:)

A smile for the glorious sight of falling snow! How blessed am I to have these two adorable, sweet children! A true gift from God.

Take some time out to enjoy the snow!:)

Brady Sawatzky: Abbotsford Baby Photographer

It was an honour to spend my Saturday morning with little Brady. He is sporting another new hat I received from Crocheted Wearables, and he pulls it off very well! He also makes a great turtle!:)Thanks Brady for being such a good sport!

Free Session Give-away!





So the New Year has started and now we need to make our resolutions. Mine involves more likes on my Facebook Page, and more bookings than ever this year! I’m very excited to see what the new year may bring to my family and to my business! Click on the link to my Facebook Page, and “like” my page for a chance to enter to win a FREE session! You just need to share my page with your friends and let me know under a post that you shared it! When I hit 200 likes, I will be giving away a FREE session!

Happy New Year everybody!







Katie! : Mini Maternity Session

Sorry it’s taken me so long Katie! After the busyness of the holiday season, I finally have found time to blog your maternity photos. Katie was my assistant for a mini session day, and we had some extra time between sessions so we used it to photograph her and her belly. Here are the results!:)